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Mind Magik Consultancy is a search firm focused on finding talent for companies at all stages of funding and growth.

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You Shouldn’t Have To Find Talent All On Your Own. That’s Why We’re Here.

Our 10 years working experience to take care of your business goal.


We know it can be hard today to find the talent you need to achieve your business goals and even harder still to find a hiring partner you feel like you can rely on. But that’s exactly what we’re here to fix. At Mind Magik Consultancy, we empower our partners to find the people they need and enjoy the process from start to finish.

For over a decade, our team of proven talent solution experts has helped hundreds of organizations, from large corporations to small businesses, get the strategic assistance they need in permanent staffing, contract staffing, managed services, and recruitment process outsourcing to complete their projects on time and on budget.

Our founder Mrs. K.Sindhujaa, has 10+ years of experience working in Human Resources and Organizational Development within the technology industry, as well as talent acquisition and management.







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Man Power Staffing for Your Business Growth.

Mind Magik Consultancy, we designed our blended delivery model to be able to support your business at any and all stages of a project. Whether your hiring needs call for FTE, contract, or contract-to-hire, we can meet you exactly where you are. Engaged separately or bundled together, our services help you achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently and help support long-term, sustainable growth for your organization.

At Mind Magik Consultancy, we know that people make the difference. But we also know that your talent needs fluctuate dramatically throughout the year. That’s why we’ve carefully built out our staffing service to give you the right people at the right time. Whether you need additional help to complete mission-critical projects, respond quickly to surges in business, or a variety of other temporary needs, we’re here to provide long-term solutions with short-term costs. When you partner with us, we listen closely to understand your needs, leverage our years of expertise and robust talent network to respond to those needs, and collaborate with your team every step of the way to ensure a partnership that yields value for years to come.


Expert Support for Your IT Environment.

We know that it doesn’t always make sense financially or logistically to add temporary or full-time employees to your organization. We also know there can be an incentive to utilize capital budgets rather than expense budgets to your hiring needs. Our managed services allow you to add the talent you need, allocate your budget the way you want to, streamline your paperwork, and wrap up all your hiring objectives into a single SOW with one point of contact.

At Mind Magik Consultancy, we know that everyone’s needs are unique; when you partner with us, we rely on flexibility and old-fashioned common sense to define a contract that makes sense for you whether you need five or twenty contingent employees and empowers you to continue to grow your business.


Custom Recruitment Solutions Built To Scale

Our RPO team offers dedicated strategic consultation on team-building, compenstaion, and training to recruiting highly-sought after professionals for your mission-critical IT and Technology roles.

We designed our RPO services based on the belief that you deserve a consultative, transparent relationship and expert guidance built into your recruiting solutions. Whether you lack the internal resources and expertise or want to consolidate your year ‘round hiring needs into one vendor, we know there are myriad reasons why you are considering outsourcing your recruiting process. No matter what brings you to us, our team of lifelong recruiting experts are here for one reason: to empower your success and sustain it for years to come—and to have fun along the way. Over the years, we’ve helped organizations of all backgrounds, sizes, and makeups do just that and hire full-time talent that makes a difference; we can’t wait to do it for you, too.

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We excel at filtering, screening, assessing, and scanning the applicants to identify the best candidate suited for a particular job.


Market Knowledge

We have rich insights of the industry we are dealing with and are equipped with extensive knowledge about the available talents.


Quality Support

We do end to end quality support with 100% satisfaction of the customers and stakeholders.


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